You are our priority. Period.

Your company’s success is our first and only goal. End of story. Our singular focus on your deal’s completion ensures that nothing gets in the way. We know you need it now, so we get it done, now.

Getting to know you is step one.

The best client relationships are based on trust, and we build that trust right away. Let’s get to know each other today, and we’ll help pave the way for your company’s future.

Close deals: That's what we do.

If you regularly refer clients to alternative lenders, you know that relationships matter. We partner with referral sources who share our common goal of client success. For us, it’s a matter of reputation.

Get ready for more fundings.

If you’re a broker in the alternative financing space, look no further for a reliable partner. Our broker interactions are critical, and we’ll reward your efforts with generous commission programs.

Your Needs Are Our Starting Point.

North Mill Capital's financing products are designed to support your company's growth, in a customized way. Let's get started.

North Mill Capital's Asset-Based Loans leverage a custom mix of assets to improve cash flow, with reduced reporting requirements.

Accounts Receivable Financing employs receivables as collateral, creating quick turnaround for increased cash flow.

M&E Financing allows you to access the value of your machinery & equipment for additional cash flow.

Inventory Financing can significantly expand your cash flow, when combined with an ABL or Invoice Factoring loan.

North Mill Capital's invoice-based financing, an alternative to asset-based lending, provides you with improved cash flow from your existing assets.

When used in combination with an ABL or Invoice Factoring loan, Term Loans can leverage your assets for increased cash flow.

North Mill Capital moves quickly, with confidence, to provide your financing. We lend on a custom mix of assets, without regulatory restrictions, to meet your cash flow needs today.

…we were very fortunate to find North Mill Capital and be able to rely on your expertise and fair treatment in our lending relationship. …we also appreciate your genuine interest in our company…it has been a pleasure.

Harry M. Scoble

President, Summit Plating

“We have been delighted with our experience with North Mill Capital. Working with them has been like a breath of fresh air compared to dealing with our prior asset-based lender. They are very responsive and the North Mill operations person we deal with on a day-to-day basis has been incredibly helpful.”  

Rick Florsheim

Owner, Rebel Green